Some of you may know this already, but inside every installation of SOLIDWORKS lives one of the most fantastic and underutilised add-ins that will transform how you carry out your design process.

DriveWorks allows the user to automate repetitive SOLIDWORKS tasks and create multiple variants of the same base part, assembly or drawing. The beauty of DriveWorks is in the ability to eliminate human error, reduce all costs associated with those errors, and when used in a sales context, let customer data drive repetitive design.

You can find DriveWorksXpress here, under the Evaluate tab within SOLIDWORKS:

DriveWorksXpress Location

Even in the stripped back version DriveWorksXpress, we can see just how easily and effectively a repetitive assembly process can be automated. Let’s take a fictional company AutoConveyors Ltd. – AutoConveyors make (you guessed it) conveyors, and make variations of the same base product based on customer specification. We can use the sample project for the conveyor found at: to see just how simple DriveWorks makes this repetitive task.

DriveWorksXpress Conveyor (Pre-Drive)

By entering dimensions for length, width, height & duty, and chosing wheter or not elevated side rails are required for this customer’s specification, we can create the assembly models required in just a few moments. I have entered a value of 2700mm for the length, 900mm for the width, 900mm for the height, a medium duty and checked elevated side rails to be included – All I have to do now is click finish and wait a few seconds and this is the result:

DriveWorksXpress Conveyor (Post-Drive)

As you can see, by entering the bare minimum of required information the user can sit back and let DriveWorks do all the leg work and take the laboriousness away from doing these changes manually and all in a mere fraction of the time.

I am a huge advocate for DriveWorks and have been using the product daily since the beginning of 2018. DriveWorks has saved me huge amounts of time in my day job, taking care of the repetitive tasks autonomously through the Autopilot module within DriveWorks Pro by and leaving me free for new product development and rapid prototyping.

Certified DriveWorksXpress Associate

I recently sat a certification in using DriveWorksXpress which gives my clients the assurance that as a Certified DriveWorksXpress Associate (CDWXA) I can help them get the most out of this underutilised (or more often unutilised!) functionality which they possess. I also intend to sit the Certified DriveWorks Professional (CDWP) certifiecation while at DriveWorks World in Chicago in just 3 days time.

I cannot stress enough how DriveWorks will transform your business, if not just your day-to-day life as a design engineer. I will be writing a short post each day of DriveWorks World to better spread the word about this fantastic software. Keep your eyes peeled.

All the best and keep climbing to that next level,


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